Our Story

The mission is simple: build a bookshop in Queens — the world's borough — to celebrate literature from all cultures. 

There are many inspirations and dedications for this venture:

My mother
My love of literature
My love for my borough 
Last but not least, for my daughter.

To my mother, who took me almost every weekend by train to the Barnes and Noble in Forest Hills, where I fell in love with books.

To Queens, NY, because with only three bookstores spread across the borough, the residents that hail from all over the globe deserve a place to escape to celebrate their literary culture. 

To my toddler daughter, (and all the kids growing up in Queens), to create a space for you to come after school, on the weekend, and be a place to take you to different worlds beyond our own. 

(That handsome face of the company is my best friend, Gryffindor.)