Golden Lab Mystery Box

$20 | Test The Water= 1 paperback, sticker sheet $35 | Read and Read = 2 paperback, sticker sheet, sticker from BIPOC business $55 | Lets Get Lit= 3 books, magnetic bookmark (your choice), sticker from BIPOC business $75 | Books Are Life= 3 books, sticker/decal from BIPOC business, candle or artwork from BIPOC business
Please select as many generes you are open to seeing in your box ! Could be in your comfort zone or if you want to explore some new generes and live dangerously.
If you want the box targeted by certain BIPOC authors and creators please let me know here !
Preference for candle, artwork, stickers let us know here! If no preference leave blank
Is it a gift? Is for a parent, child, partner? For yourself? Let us know so we know how to curate it