The Human Phenomenon: A New Edition and Translation of Le phenomene humain by Sarah Appleton-Weber (Paperback)

The Human Phenomenon: A New Edition and Translation of Le phenomene humain by Sarah Appleton-Weber By Sarah Appleton-Weber (Translated by), Pierre Teilhard De Chardin Cover Image
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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) was a priest , paleontologist and geologist whose highly original publication, LE PHENOMENE HUMAIN, attracted world-wide attention when it was first published. He wrote of the beginnings of our planet, the emergence of life, the birth of thought and the development of socialization in order to give humankind the inner vision necessary to thrive in an expanding universe. The original translation into English contained many fundamental mistakes clouding our understanding of Teilhard de Chardin's vision. Sarah Appleton-Weber has based her new translation, which is endorsed by the Teilhard de Chardin Foundation (Paris), on her careful comparison of the four versions of the French text. Poet and scholar Appleton-Weber, who has closely studied Teilhard's essays, letters, and other writing, gives a consistent and coherent voice to this translation of Teilhard's book.

Praise For…

“Sarah Appleton-Weber has gifted English-speaking admirers of Teilhard and his thought with a superb new translation. Readers will find this new translation worth a fresh read. Appleton-Weber’s introduction to the work opens to readers, including Teilhard scholars, the meaning and relevance not only of his vision but also of phrases and words that he used to help bring his vision into focus. Her introduction and copies of key diagrams used by Teilhard are of great value and make this new translation critical: it is of substantial value for communicating the vision of Teilhard.”  —Zygon

“This book has a magic quality you don’t find in writing in the science world. This translation will in the future be the basic text for any serious study of Teilhard in the English language.”  —Thomas Berry, co-author, The Universe Story

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ISBN: 9781902210308
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Publisher: Sussex Academic Press
Publication Date: July 1st, 2003
Pages: 282
Language: English