Communicating in the Anthropocene: Intimate Relations (Hardcover)

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By C. Vail Fletcher, Alexa M. Dare, Carol Adams (Contribution by)
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The purpose of Communicating in the Anthropocene: Intimate Relations is to tell a different story about the world. Humans, especially those raised in Western traditions, have long told stories about themselves as individual protagonists who act with varying degrees of free will against a background of mute supporting characters and inert landscapes. Humans can be either saviors or destroyers, but our actions are explained and judged again and again as emanating from the individual. And yet, as the coronavirus pandemic has made clear, humans are unavoidably interconnected not only with other humans, but with nonhuman and more-than-human others with whom we share space and time. Why do so many of us humans avoid, deny, or resist a view of the world where our lives are made possible, maybe even made richer, through connection? In this volume, we suggest a view of communication as intimacy. We use this concept as a provocation for thinking about how we humans are in an always-already state of being-in-relation with other humans, nonhumans, and the land.

About the Author

Vail Fletcher is associate professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Portland and co-director of the Gender and Women's Studies program. Alexa Dare is associate professor of communication at the University of Portland where she also directs the social justice minor

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ISBN: 9781793629289
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Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication Date: February 4th, 2021
Pages: 430
Language: English